1. Attic Mold Removal: Getting Down to the Basics

    February 16, 2018

    When you think of mold growing in your home, you probably imagine it in all the nooks and crannies of your basement.It has the perfect conditions mold needs to thrive in: it’s dark, it’s damp, and there are lots of places for it to hide.However, another very common spot for mold to grow is in […]

  2. Removing Household Mold with Bleach: Why It’s a No-No

    February 14, 2018

    We use bleach for everything. Our grandmothers used it, our moms used it, and I’m willing to bet you have at least one bottle of bleach stored somewhere in your house. It’s our go-to for cleaning supplies!It kills germs and I don’t know about you, but when I smell bleach I automatically associate it with […]

  3. Common Types of Household Mold

    February 9, 2018

    Household mold has had its fair share in the spotlight during the past few years; none of it is positive.(That isn’t going to change so if you were coming here for a pro-mold post, I hate to disappoint.)Household mold is a nuisance. It’s smelly, it looks gross, and it can cause health problems if you’re […]

  4. Mold Solutions Receives the Angie’s List Super Service Award!

    February 7, 2018

    One of our favorite things to talk about is mold, but do you know what we love even more than talking about mold?Being able to help our customers get the results they want when it comes to mold remediation.This is exactly why we are so humbled and honored to receive the Angie’s List Super Service […]

  5. Mold Growth In Homes: What Causes It and Where’s It Hiding?

    February 2, 2018

    Mold isn’t picky when it comes to its living conditions.It’s a pretty sturdy fungus and doesn’t require a lot to survive.In fact, the main ingredient mold needs to live a happy and healthy life (much to your chagrin) is one very common element—water.Mold growth in homes can always be traced back to water. Whether it […]

  6. The Health Risks of Living with Mold: What You Need to Know

    January 31, 2018

    In recent years, the health risks of living with mold have become more well-known. People were finally able to pinpoint a lot of their allergy symptoms back to mold growth within their home, which is great because they can treat the cause, not just the symptoms.But the media went overboard, as they are wont to […]

  7. Household Mold: Viable vs. Nonviable Mold

    January 26, 2018

    The different types of household mold is not something you think about all too often.  Unlike me, it’s not your job to research and read all the latest mold related articles and studies being published.  (Unless you suspect you have it… then you’re in a different category.)Before working for Mold Solutions, household mold occupied approximately […]

  8. I Found Black Mold! Do I Need Mold Removal ASAP?

    January 24, 2018

    You’re putting away the Christmas decorations after a delightful, yet snowy, holiday season and just as you put the last box in place, you see it: a patch of black mold growing on your basement wall.Your first instinct may be to panic and pack up your kids and move across the country immediately.Please don’t do […]

  9. St. Louis’ Wet Weather Might be the Reason You Need to Get a Mold Inspection

    January 19, 2018

    With all of the recent rain and snow in the winter months here in St. Louis, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about mold.Nope. It’s not fun, but it could be the key to you and your family breathing a little better this year.Broaching the topic of mold inspection might seem overwhelming with […]

  10. Mold Inspection: Spot Checking and What to Look For

    January 17, 2018

    When it comes to the topic of mold, prevention is key. To get a handle on prevention, you need to know what to look for.It’s always easier to control a substance if you can get ahead of it before it spreads further and this is no different when it relates to mold.If you suspect mold, […]

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